An Introduction

Epikouros, an ancient Greek philosopher, claimed that the health of the body is a natural and necessary condition for the well-being.


Inspired by him and following their own vision, two agronomists, Michalis Magourilos and Nikos Platanos, founded Epikouros company in 2002 and managed to become pioneers in organic and biodynamic agriculture in Greece.

Nikos Platanos already since 1995 and Michalis Magourilos since 1997 started their activities as consultants, they were pioneers in converting conventional growers to organic agriculture by giving advice to all steps of cultivation and thus developing organic or biodynamic agriculture.


Innovative cultivation methods, hard work and long-term relationships with the organic and biodynamic growers contributed to the creation of a successful and reliable channel, which consists of farmers, agronomists, production and packing facilities. The main aim is to secure both maximum traceability and superior quality of the organic and biodynamic products.

This systematic way of work has gained the trust of the customers from 21 countries all over the world. Our export activities are coordinated by Rose and Gerald Knittel, who have been working in organic food industry since 1998.

Always with respect for human and nature, we, at Epikouros company give wholeheartedly the best version of ourselves, in order to continue offering the highest quality of our products and keep developing new ones. It is important for our customers to know that Epikouros has no parallel conventional business activities, but is concentrating solely and 100 % on organic and biodynamic farming.

The new Epikouros olive oil, olive and antipasti factory is in operation since 2010.

Rose & Gerald Knittel are co-ordinating the export activities from our West European representation office in Mindelheim / Germany.