What We Do

 Consultancy advising organic farmers and producers.

Epikouros cooperates with more than 100 organic growers including 33 biodynamic and 7 BIO SUISSE growers in Greece. The agronomists stay in regural contact with the growers and arrange visits to their farms each year: before, during and after the harvest.

Before the Harvest

Before the harvest, we visit the farmers and the oil mills, to consult them about the necessary steps during the cultivation and the appropriate way of work. We supervise the facilities and we give verbal and written instructions to the growers.

During the Harvest

During the harvest, we give clear advice to ensure the accurate work and we are also present in some of the fields.

After the Harvest

After the harvest, we make a first quality check of the products, which later are selected in our factory according to different grades and sizes.

Concerning the cultivation and the harvest techniques our aims are:

  • To increase the soil fertility minimizing the income elements in the fields
  • To base the plant protection on healthy agricultural methods, avoiding the preventive applications

Epikouros Production and packing facilities

Our new plant in Kalamata has been in operation since 2010.
Due to the great demand, we are currently expanding our production facilities. This extension of the building will be available for additional production capacities from spring 2021. The production is conducted with high technology equipment under the highest hygiene standards (HACCP and ISO 22000:2005).

In our facilities we have a fully equipped laboratory for making analysis of samples we take after the harvest. For the pesticides analysis we cooperate with reputable European laboratories and with Greek laboratories accredited by international authorities. We are also in contact with the quality departments of our customers for feedback.

The harvest quantities after the analysis are brought to our warehouse after the harvest. For this reason we have created sufficient storage places for the olives and the olive oil, so that we can ensure the high quality of the products until the final packing, especially during the warm season.

All the workers in the production lines are permanently employed all year round. We train them in the principles of the organic and biodynamic farming, in order to realize how important it is for the consumers to receive high-quality products and to remain satisfied with their choice.

Exports of agricultural products to 21 countries

Epikouros is the leading Greek producer of organic olive products and pioneer in biodynamic agriculture.

Our passion for organic and biodynamic farming motivates us everyday to improve even more the quality of our products.

Our systematic way of work from thestage of cultivation until the final packing and the delivery of the organic productsleads us to build long-term relationships with our growers in Greece and our customers in 21 countries.

We, as Epikouros’ employees, will continue to give the best version of ourselves every day, in order to remain being No. 1 for our customers and our consumers.