What is biodynamic?

From 2004 we started to get information on Biodynamic farming, as we were fans of a fundamental way of farming. After 4 years of studying the theoretical biodynamic basis, we selected the pioneer farmers to start the Biodynamic project. The criteria for this selection had to do with the skills, the mentality and the honesty of these people. Today 33 farmers are active in the Biodynamic project with olive oil and table olives in different regions, and one wine grower.

Our aim is to convert the majority of our organic certified farmers into Biodynamic farming, in order to obtain the advantages and the quality of this way of cultivation in their farms.

The biodynamic practice

  • Local nutrient cycles
  • Mixed farming
  • A complete reproduction cycle of animals and plants
  • Wild bits of nature on-farm
  • Respect for characteristic properties of plants, animals and people
  • Cosmic and spiritual elements of farming.